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E-mail Disclaimer

The information contained in this message and all attachments thereto contains confidential and/or privileged information intended for the specific addressee and purpose. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorised to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient, you may not, in any manner whatsoever, disclose copy, distribute or take any action based on the contents thereof – please inform the sender immediately and destroy all copies thereof. Any copying, publication or disclosure of this message, or any part thereof, in any manner whatsoever, without the sender’s express written permission, is strictly prohibited.

No opinion expressed or implied by the sender necessarily constitutes the opinion of PACOFS.

PACOFS accepts no responsibility or liability for any action or failure to act as a result of the information contained in this message, unless such information or opinion has been confirmed in writing by a duly authorised employee of PACOFS.

PACOFS does not warrant that this message is free of damaging codes, viruses, errors or interference, of any nature, and accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, costs or expenses incurred by the addressee or any other person, entity or individual in this regard.

If you have any issues concerning your membership to any list or service provided or used by PACOFS, please send them to postmaster@pacofs.co.za or contact us at 051 447 7771.

This Disclaimer can be amended by PACOFS from time to time.

Privacy Policy

  1. PACOFS will take reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of all personal and banking details submitted to us and all employees requiring such details to carry out their duties will be bound by this privacy policy.
  2. We shall not sell or distribute personal or other details to marketing or other agencies.
  3. PACOFS may, however, share information pertaining to you, including personal details, if we are required to do so in order to facilitate an agreed upon transaction or activity between you and a third party operating on our behalf and / or on our instruction.
  4. PACOFS also reserves the right to disclose such information if required to do so by law, in the case of a court action brought by a client against PACOFS or its agents, employees or anyone doing any work whatsoever for PACOFS or if it is believed in good faith that the disclosure of such information is necessary to protect and / or defend the rights and / or property of PACOFS or its users.
  5. Personal information may be used by PACOFS for the following purposes:
    5.1 To supply the client with the services and / or products requested
    5.2 To maintain an ongoing business relationship
    5.3 To communicate directly with the client
  6. Clients may unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time. Regular mailings will then no longer be sent and we shall only contact the client directly in response to a further request for our services and / or products.
  7. A visitor’s browser supplies the following information when our website is visited and we record this information in our server logs for statistical analysis:
    7.1 The type of browser and operating system with which our website was viewed;
    7.2 The visitor’s domain name extension (e.g. .co.za; .net);
    7.3   The address of the website that referred the visitor to us;
    7.4 The IP address of the server used to connect the visitor to the internet (usually allocated by their ISP);
    7.5 The date and time our website was browsed;
    7.6  Which pages were viewed and which documents were downloaded.