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recording studio

State of the Art Equipment

Single artists, full bands, orchestras and choirs can record demos. The studio can accommodate an orchestra together with a choir at once. The recording studio is equipped with international quality equipment; it is accessible to anyone who wants to record a demo.



if you can dream it, we have it

The costume hiring department is very popular amongst the public. Thousands of costumes are kept in storage and are used regularly with small adjustments here and there. The costume hire department creates and maintain wigs, millinery, costume arts, masks, jewelry, shoes and hats. Costumes available for hire cover a vast spectrum including Egyptian, clowns suites, tailcoats, formal shirts, Tuxedo’s period uniforms, ect.

Tel: 051 447 7771 x 2295


stage, sound and lighting

lights! camera! action!

PACOFS can provide sound systems and lighting to comply with indoor and outdoor functions. High quality sound and lighting equipment is available to the public for hire at competitive rates. We can provide sound and lighting for all types of functions.

Venue Hire
Tel: 051 – 447 7771 x 2315
Lelethu Pheme

Technical Hire
Tel: 051 – 447 7771
Michelle Horn



see how it all falls in place!

Tours are offered to enable locals, school children and tourists and companies to learn more about the institution.