CHILAHAEBOALAE is an action-packed musical satire fashioned from the wealth of African fable.. In Chilahaebolae, re vaya le di saambenche whose stories are well known in Southern Africa and beyond; Phokobje, Hunguhwe or Mpungushe is a trickster figure we recognise from folklore Phiri, the parasitic companion and Mpja, the docile figure. Drawing scenes with the language of anticipatory dance drama, the play tells the story of PHOKOBJE, PHIRI and MPJA. They face the harsh realities of a world interrupted by MOTHO. Water reserves are dry, and food is scarce ko Nageng. The trio band together to scrape for dipapa le mavati. Temperamental journeys toss them into Chilahaebolae, a place of plenty..

February 22 @ 18:30 — February 24 @ 18:30

Andre Huguenet Theatre

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