Lerumo Badimong

Lerumo Badimong is an African story set in the fictional world of Khathi and tells the tale of two deities at war. Their conflict arises when one deity Mpinzane steals the creation of earth from another deity, Woyengi. This war is embodied and reflected in the actions of the people on earth. The play deals with the complexity of time as a major theme and explores the relationship that an African society has with time. In the words of Fatima Dike, “Africans treat time in a peculiar manner. There is no future”. There is only the past and the present because the ‘present’ is the ‘future’ of the past. Thus, Lerumo Badimong looks not at the consequences of the future, but at the consequences ….

May 18 @ 18:00 — May 20 @ 18:00

Andre Huguenet Theatre

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