Magnificent 7 is the story of invasion and defiance. A stranger than fiction edgy, mysterious, and suspenseful dance theatre with compelling magnetic music. The story follows a petrifying journey of an African intellectual who defies imperial- colonial doctrines by rewriting and codifying distorted and appropriated African history and narrative. He is under-siege for doing so, faced with brutal apocalyptic episodes perpetuated by the invasive colonial powers in his quest to finish and publish a critical seven chaptered manuscript for his people. Will he resist the violence and the hunt, will Africa ever rise? Magnificent 7 is the epoch-making event of Radical Rupture, Decoloniality and Afrof.

An African intellectual challenges colonial doctrines, aiming to rewrite history and spark decoloniality amidst brutal opposition Partnership with the South African State Theatre 13 – 15 JUNE 2024 ANDRE HUGUENET THEARE


June 13 @ 18:00 — June 15 @ 18:00

Andre Huguenet Theatre