The Red on the Rainbow

Primarily inspired by recent real life events in Coligny, the play follows the aftermath of the death of a young man on a maize farm at the hands of a farmer’s son and his friends. The play explores how time seems to remain frozen, picture-style, in an unending apartheid-ghost-dance. How with each dreary step into the future, reality seems to loop, stoop and reloop, forever trapping the amper-people of these towns in a cartoonish and feverish attempt to leap into the much lauded blissful change that our country’s simonies moment is said to have unleashed for all. Faced with the death of her only son, a mother must decide whether to surrender to these unchanging rhythms of the baas’s kitaar a

October 13 @ 18:00 — October 14 @ 18:00

Andre Huguenet Theatre

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