Twee Stories / Two Stories

20 February 2024


Two Stories / Twee Stories


In two far-away worlds, two children have extraordinary experiences fighting dangerous creatures and defending their worlds. For young Peter, who lives in a Russian forest, a ferocious wolf threatens the simple life of him and his animal friends. In Africa, the young Tintinyane, the girl with the voice like a magic songbird, faces similar peril as her beautiful singing voice attracts the attention of the monster of the forest… Both characters show the value of incredible bravery, intelligence, quick thinking, and creativity in saving both them and their friends.

Two beloved musical children’s stories are vividly brought to life by the instruments of the symphony orchestra. Furthermore, the stories are visually told by three shadow puppeteers and their collection of creative visual elements to present a production sure to delight and entertain audiences of all ages.

Featuring texts by Philip de Vos (Peter and the Wolf – in Afrikaans) and Corlia Fourie (Tintinyane, the Girl Who Sang like a Magic Bird – in English) and music by Sergei Prokofiev and Peter Klatzow.

It is set to premiere:

Date:     01-02 March

Venue :  Andre

Time :    01 March at 18h30  and 02 March at 14:30 and 18h30

Tickets are now available at Webtickets and PACOFS’ booking office.