PACOFS appoints internationally acclaimed Artistic Director

PACOFS is proud to announce the appointment of Ms Napo Masheane as an Artistic Director. She commenced her duties at PACOFS on 12 September 2022.

Ms Napo Masheane is a multi-award-winning playwright, producer, director, cultural activist and curator. She previously worked as a deputy Artistic Director at the State Theatre.

Ms Masheane, who grew up in Quaqua, says this appointment brings her home. She has worked in Gauteng and internationally for many years. Masheane constantly crosses geographical, academic, and artistic borders.  She became a leading South African black theatre matriarch after her provocative plays: ‘My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It’, ‘The Fat Black Women Sing’, ‘KHWEZI… Say My Name’, and ‘My Vagina Was Not Buried With Him’.

“With this new appointment at PACOFS my dream is to re-write history. I want to re-imagine the future, while re-living each day mirroring not just the outward world, but the inward probable artistic culture within the Free State theatre landscape. More so I hope to collectively pose along other creatives from here as contemporary hammers, choppers, cleavers, and flankers of what our artistic voices could and should be on various global stages,” Masheane says about her new appointment.


For interviews and media enquiries, please call Ms Maseeta Makgabane at 079 875 6177.